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Alex Morgan (left) and Megan Rapinoe celebrate a goal in the World cup of 2019.
Alex Morgan (left) and Megan Rapinoe celebrate a goal in the World cup of 2019.Christian Hartmann / Reuters

The players of the national soccer team of the united States suffered this Friday, a defeat in the courts to reject a judge for their demand of parity in salary. The players had sued the Federation of Football of the USA on the grounds that there were enough well-paid compared to men, when they have won four World and the men not even qualified for the final championship. The judge considered that there was no basis for search improvement in wages in the courts.

The lawsuit was filed on 8 march 2019, taking advantage of the symbolism of the Day of the Woman. In it, the national team of USA full (28 players) argued that “it has generated more profit, has played more matches, won more matches and championships, and has generated more television audience” that the selection of men. That same year, they would end up winning the World cup in France. Before, they had the record of spectators of a football match in the US, 23 million, at the end of the World 2015. Players such as Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, and historical as Mia Hamm, Hope Solo, and Abby Wambach, are more famous in the united States that the selected male.

In the text it is described how the players of the men’s team charge a minimum per game regardless of the opponent and the result. They, instead, only charge if they play against teams in the top 10 of the rating of FIFA, and only if they win. In consequence, the maximum salary that can suck a player from the women’s national team is 99.000 dollars a year, on the basis of that play 20 friendlies, while a man can reach to 263.000.

“The WNT (acronym in English of the women’s national team) has claimed more than a half per game and cumulatively in the period of the demand the men’s team,” says judge Gary Klausner of the central district of California. The judge argues that in the collective negotiation of its contract players resigned to the same scheme of bonus of men in exchange for a salary based insurance. For example, according to the judge, they only charge if they play, as long as they come although not jump into the field provided and when they are summoned, although the profits depend on the results. Women, says the judge, can’t say now that they are dissatisfied with their conditions based on the money they could have earned if they were other features of the thing signed. The players demanded $ 66 million in compensation for the money allegedly not received.

“We are disappointed with the decision, but we will not stop to work hard for equal pay,” he said in a press release Molly Levinson, who acts as spokesman for the players. Levinson announced that they would the decision. In a tweet, the captain and leader media group, Megan Rapinoe, said: “we will Never stop fighting for equality!”.

The judge only dismissed, however, the wages portion of the claim. In the complaint of the players had also other grounds of discrimination. For example, denounced the lack of equality in the support that the Federation gives to their sport, the promotion that makes them or the ease of travel, or trained, in comparison with the men team. The start date of the trial is to the next June 16 in Los Angeles.

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