Adele’s weight loss and as well react the famous


Sure yesterday was a busy day for Adele. Not only celebrated his birthday, but finally reappeared on social networks showing her new figure, which, left everyone surprised because now it looks completely different. To us, it gives us pleasure because it is an action that made the singer on her own, and inspires us to continue caring for our health.

Despite the fact that yesterday all the world spoke of Adelemany criticized her and other celebrated already thin. As we stated in our note of the photos of the before and the after Adele, one size does not defines you as a person and we really have to celebrate the beauty of Adele, no matter your appearance, because she has always been a powerful woman, and above all beautiful.

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In the photograph that the singer of “Hello” was shared on social networks, it was able to read a message in favor of the health care workers that are doing a great job in this crisis by the coronavirus. “Thank you for the love received by my birthdayI hope that they are healthy and safe during these crazy times. I would like to thank the essential workers that have kept us safe while they risk their lives. They are our angels.”


So far, the posting is already more than 2 million likes and thousands of comments, are the reactions most fabulous of celebrities who largely applauded the value of Adele for you to change your habits and continue to show his love towards others. And of course, some of the reactions highlights were the of the model Chrissy Teigan who said, “I mean are you kidding me” (that is, who are you kidding?) referring to his appearance. This comment raised more than 64 thousand likes; however, this was withdrawn after a few hours.


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Also, publications like the magazine of Oprah, called The Oprah Magazine commented: “Our birthday gift should be an Adele 2020 album, yes?!” (Our birthday gift would be a new album for this year, yes?) this is because the singer has not released music since 2015 despite the fact that she would release new material this year.


The guru, beauty and makeup, James Charles, he commented: “You look amazing” (Light amazing) while the actress Rita Wilson he commented: “Happy Birthday, Adele, Sending you so much love! Looking gorgeous!” (Happy birthday Adele, I send you much love it you look beautiful!).

Even the host of mexican television Yanet Garcia commented a “Happy birthday” wishing you a happy birthday to the singer and also joined the famous doll american, Barbie who only commented a great emoji of heart.


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Also, fashion designers Riccardo Tisci and Virgil Abloh wanted to Adele a happy birthday with Tisci, commenting: “Happy Birthday beautiful” (Happy birthday beautiful) while Abloh only limited to write emojis of red balloons.

There is No doubt that this image has been around the world and it has been confirmed that beauty comes in every shape and size.

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