Amber Heard yes beat Johnny Depp; filter the audio and recognizes

Apparently Johnny Depp he always said the truth and is who leaked the audio in which your former spouse Amber Heard acknowledge that she was the one who was hitting the histrión and not as had been raised in a home where he was noted by domestic violence.

After a divorce, contentious, violent, and a lawsuit, the actress is now in trouble, since the Daily Mail released a audio where she accepts his guilt of acting violently against the actor “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In this recording you can hear that you regret not having done in the face of it a slap in the face proper.

“I regret not having hit in the face with a slap right… Baby, you’re not perforated.I don’t know what was the movement of my hand, but you’re well, you’re not hurt, not I gave you a punch, you hit it”, says Heard on the audio, which was, according to the publication in cell of her.

During the controversial separation, Depp made the comment that she was the aggressive and not only beat him, but also threw things like frying pans, vases and whatever was in front of her, and which he expressed in such filtration.

“I can’t promise that I’m not going to physically react in another opportunity. God, sometimes I so angry that I lose the reason,” says Amber Heard Johnny Depp.

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During the recording I could hear the famous actor who gave life to the “Young scissor hands”, “Charlie and the chocolate factory”, “Sweeney Todd”, among others, try to calm the situation.

“Babe, I told you once, I’m afraid of dying, we are a crime scene this time. There can be violence, we should separate ourselves if there is,” said the actor.

His former spouse did not hold back and answered him: “You behave like a baby, mature, fuck, Johnny.” And, regardless of how aggressive you listen, the also musician responds more calmly: “I went last night. Sincerely I swear, because I could not bear the idea of physical abuse between us.”

Remember that in 2016, Amber Heard denounced Johnny Depp’s gender-based violence and therefore asked for a restraining order against the histrión. On that occasion she said that he had slapped, taken by the hair and dragged to the office, then to the room, to the room until you reach the suite guests.

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Already separated, in 2018 Herad wrote in the Washington Post an article about the reasons of her divorce and the attacks she had suffered. Due to this in 2019, Johnny Depp decides to contrademandar and asks for 50 million dollars, since he said that he was the one who had suffered physically assaults.

So apparently today, the actor always had the reason or at least I was able to listen to a different version of the audio that was leaked, and according to the Daily Mail is an excerpt of what Depp brought to the authorities as evidence.

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