Anna Kendrick refused to wear tight clothing in ‘Pitch Perfect 3’


Part of the charm of the films of Pitch Perfect is that the characters are a mixture of adorable girls imperfect of all sizes, shapes, classes, and other. That’s why, Anna Kendrick decided not to get carried away by the pressure of the people from “above” that demanded that the girls leave in outfits that would show more skin, because it is not what fans are looking for of these musical comedies.

It’s funny. Each time we test a costume, tell us that we should dress with clothes that are more fitted and sexy and show more skin. I think that this is not the reason that people are going to see the movie. Definitely not going to see us for our sex appeal.

Anna Kendrick says that it is good that people are interested in seeing a movie of misfits and girls of different shapes and sizes.

The actress returns to interptetar to the ambitious Scholarship in the third installment of this saga musical, meeting with the girls talented in the group The Fine one last time before embarking into the world of adulthood.

In addition, Anna has just finished recording A Simple Favour next to Blake Lively, and has spoken about the recent accusations that have been made in Hollywood, saying he expected the women to be heard in other industries that are not as visible as the entertainment industry.

I talked with my friends the other day, one that works in technology, another in marketing, and told them I was very happy that I’m happening, and I hope you continue to happening in industries that are not as visible, this is not just Hollywood and politics.

It also hopes that if the women talk about it in any industry, it creates us.

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