Billie Jean King said that tennis holiday to the benefit of Serena Williams


The 12-time champion of Grand Slam and founder of the WTA Tour, Billie Jean King talked about the future of his legendary compatriot Serena Williams in the women’s game. The u.s. will meet 39 years old this September and since his return to the circuit as a mother, Williams is in search of the title 24th Slam.

King feels that the level of tennis in the middle of the coronavirus could positively impact the career of tennis Williams. “I think you should view it as a positive thing, since you have to discover what you have to do.

The only thing when you are an older player is that you have to be more in the form of what you thought possible. I played up to 40 years, ” said King on CNN. Played tennis individual up to 40 years later, he continued to play tennis doubles until he was 46 years old.

“Serena Williams is unbelievable” – Billie Jean King In 2020, Serena Williams broke his streak without a title since January of 2017 when he won a title in Auckland. Later, in the Australian Open , she lost in the third round before the chinese Wang Qiang.

Then, Billie Jean explained how Serena can change your tennis for the rest, build your game and then recover invincible once it resumes the circuit. “If it was Serena with this free time, would enjoy my small daughter and my husband, but would also be, absolutely only from a physical point of view, leading me and being absolutely disciplined to be so in shape”

“Then, when the tournaments start again, you can definitely be ready. But I think that is the most important thing for Serena because once you start to play games, it is incredible, ” added King.

With Williams making a little more effort in your game, you can definitely achieve great accomplishments once more in his career. After her break of motherhood, Williams reached four Grand Slam finals, and each time fell short by two sets.

From its title at the Aussie Open 2017, Serena has been doing everything possible to equal the record of 24 Slams of Margaret Court.