Cara Delevingne reacts to the rankings for Justin Bieber


Cara Delevingne reacting to the ranking in which Justin Bieber she listed the friends famous of his wife Hailey of your favorite to least.

During the Late Late Show James Corden, Justin Bieber played in the segment “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts”, where guests have to answer uncomfortable questions, or eating foods extremely unpleasant. During a round of questions, James asked the singer to do a ranking of the friends-famous Hailey’s was her favorite to the least, these friends are the súpermodelos Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingnethe alternative (far from compelling) was to eat a piece of the genitals of the bull.

To the surprise of the audience, and the same James who challenged him saying, “there is No way for you to do so”, Justin answered the question “ ok, ok, ok, Kendall, Gigi, Cara Delevingne.” To the shock of everyone for even responding, the singer explained his response, “I Know better to Kendall, I’ve spent more time with Kendall, is a good friend of ours. I have not spent much time with Gigi and I have not spent much time with the Face,” confessed Justin “I don’t have anything against these people, I simply have better relationship.”

Now, Cara Delevingne reacts (very public) to this ranking through its official account of Instagram, where he confronted the have been in the place of “the least favorite”.

In this post, the model and actress put pictures of the video of the show and two other “tests” in which she and Justin appear. The first, during the catwalk of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show where Bieber was invited to sing and other much more casual, a selfie that shows the close relationship of both, using the same t-shirt. Accompanying these images, Face wrote “Now vs. Then. If you don’t have anything against me, then why don’t you unlock? I love you @haileybieber – he must have eaten the genital of the bull”.

Cara Delevingne just confess the true relationship between the singer and she, being friends above and now up to hang in social networks, we assume that there is some kind of fight or misunderstanding between the two. We will have to wait for the reply of Justin, and maybe Hailey before the denunciation of the Face.