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The actress Jennifer Aniston, remembered for giving life to ‘Rachel’ in the series “Friends”, lives in one of the countries most affected by the pandemic of the new coronavirus and it seems to be tired of the quarantine, so I decided to use their social networks to refer to the COVID-19.

Through its official account of Instagram, the actress shared a photograph in which appears covering half of his face and sticking out the middle finger to the COVID-19.

“Dear Covid… you Can go already, kindly, to the… Thank you, goodbye”, wrote Aniston as a legend of your snapshot on Instagram, which is a photograph of the remembrance of your personal album.

The message of the actress in the social network has been much celebrated, and has more than 5 million ‘likes’ in less than 8 hours since its publication. In addition, the comments supporting their rejection against the coronavirus.

Recall that previously Jennifer Aniston also published a message in which he praised the work of nurses who are on the frontline of the battle against the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

However, in this opportunity he decided to be very blunt with a message dedicated, 100%, to make public what really bothers me is found with the coronavirus and that he did not see the time that everything is back to normal.


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