Drake Bell divides the mexican people with interesting debate on twitter


It is No secret that Drake Bell has an immense love for Mexico, because it has shown its affection to the lands aztecs of all the possible ways, whether creating a music video showing the beauty of the country, or, by changing their social networks to Spanish; and this time is no exception.

And, the actor who reached international fame thanks to his role in the series of Nickelodeon, ‘Drake and Josh’ has opened up a debate through his official twitter account with the what, not only managed to capture the attention of thousands of mexicans, but also ended up splitting them and all of this with a simple but controversial question: can a Pastor, or Steak?.

So, the interpreter of ‘Slow Fire’ sparked a debate in the internet, thanks to this question, so all well-aware of the tacos did not hesitate to share your preference, giving their respective reasons as to why one is better than another. Up to the time of the tweet of the interpreter has more than two thousand retweets and nearly 90 thousand I like; of course, not to mention the over eight thousand responses in reaction to such questioning.

Drake Bell joins Cameo

Minutes before unleashing what has become quite a debate on twitter, the actor ‘American Satan’ given to know that it already has your own profile in Cameo; site in which you can request a video message, or a personalized greeting on the part of the artist of your choice.

To request a custom message on the part of the interpreter ‘I know’, the only thing you have to do is create an account in Cameo, to access the artist profile and submit your application detailing how it is what you want your greeting or message. According to the information of the site, the video will take in even in a maximum period of two days and in the case of Drake Bell, the cost per greeting is from $ 70 per video.