Emilia Clarke believes that The Avengers are something “absolutely stupid”


The list of actors that are being introduced in the Movie Universe of Marvel is getting larger, so only the Phase 4 will introduce figures such as Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and Christian Bale making it clear that these films have a place for all kinds performers. It would not be a surprise that, in the future, that any was the mother of dragons in Game of Thrones – 59%, Emilia Clarke, is a team of Kevin Present. According to her, I would love to do a film of the MCU because they are stupid enough and foster good relations between castmates. Do we give you the reason?

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Last year, the last season of GOT disappointed a lot to the fans who followed the series during its eight deliveries. One of the twists that most provoked controversy was the sudden change in the character of Clarke, Daenerys, who suddenly woke up his desire for revenge, destruction and to conquer everything, no matter the consequences. Many criticized this, and the actress Last Christmas: Another chance to love – 53% had to deal with all kinds of comments from their followers, which made it even more tiring to his departure from the show that made her a star.

In a recent interview for The Times, Emilia Clarke he talked about the upcoming plans for his career, especially after you have given a decade to the critically acclaimed show from HBO. The actress confessed that in these moments, it is eager to do something relaxed, and that is stupid as a movie Movie Universe of Marvel. Without a doubt, this may sound offensive for fans of The Avengers, however, the interpreter went on to say that his goal is to work in something that you can have fun with their colleagues (via Comic Book Movie):

I want to do something absolutely stupid and silly, like, you know, The Avengers or whatever. Something that you can laugh with my companions.

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The comments of the protagonist of Terminator Genesis – 25% leave not taken very seriously with the productions of the MCU, much less, to The Avengers. However, this is not an impediment to that at this point of his career to embark on a project for Marvel Studios, especially because as has stated in their recent interviews, it feels good to have a break after having spent so many years in the Game of Thrones – 83%. Just a few weeks ago The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show BBC Radio 2, the interpreter stated that it was very nice in the end be left behind to Daenerys, and although it occupies an important place in his life, he now feels truly free (via Wiki Of Thrones):

It has been really nice (have a break). I think that my brain and my soul probably needed a break, because each time it became more and more big. And I could never see what it was because we were inside. Always used to say that it is as if we all entered the bunker for 10 years, and then I went out and was like, where are we? What has happened? However, it feels very liberating to be free, literally of the show. That said, Daenerys is a big part of me.

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In terms of the MCU, without a doubt, there are many characters that the actress could interpret. Phase 4 will introduce new superheroes and villains, and it is expected that the films of the next steps to do the same. As well as Clarke at some point it was considered to participate in Iron Man 3 – 79%, it is likely that Marvel Studios ‘ the call back to a project that needs the prominence of a feminine personality like her. And perhaps when you mentioned that you want to have a laugh with their mates, makes reference to Kit Harington, who will make his debut in this movie universe next November in Eternals.

Don’t forget that the premiere of Black Widow is scheduled for this may 1, and if the coronavirus permitted, very soon the fans will get excited and get excited with the latest adventure of Natasha Romanoff, which give many clues as to what is to come in the MCU.