Facundo Ambrosioni uncovered his separation from Morena Rial: “With her I don’t speak more, I have it blocked on the phone”


And a day Facundo Ambrosioni (20) broke the silence and told his version on the rupture faces with Morena Rial (21). And he did it exclusively in a live Instagram with Paparazzi. On the return trip the córdoba revealed that he no longer talks with the mother of his son, Francesco Benicio.

“The truth is that she does not speak. I preferred to block it from the phone. I blocked, and she blocked”she said without turning. “We were very tired the two. It was already as make us evil, then we decided that she moving on with her life and I with mine. And that is what’s best for each one”, detailed to try and explain the decision you took recently.


The relationship between the player and the daughter of Jorge Rial it was always inconsistent. In fact, more of a scandal marked their courtship, leading to other separations. But always were able to smooth things over and try again. Until now -apparently -the decision seems to be final.

“The truth of my part, I think we already closed a stage. I think that is already. Never say never, but I think that I have closed a stage”, explained. “I want the good of my son. It is not cute that your parents fight and I know that it is not cute that your parents are separated, although today it is very common…“, said.

In addition, the young man mentioned that because of the type of link that you built is that they decided to terminate. “It was like a very toxic relationship”, he said the comment that after two talks, the Saturday and the Sunday, the Monday summoned up his things and went to the department that they shared. “I want the best and if she is good it means that my son is going to be fine”, announced.

“If you want to be with another guy, that is and that will be very happy. I wish him the best, that is the truth”, added to the few that he highlighted: “I, the mother of my child I will never speak badly”. “If you find a love, welcome to it”, concluded.