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For many it has been difficult to adapt to the new routine since that was implemented voluntary isolation because of the Covid-19and thinking of the smaller ones home, who are the first to experience changes, we took on the task of search tips that will help dads to to cope with the confinement with their children.

In accordance with the doctors of the “Child Mind Institute”, there are some guidelines that can help little ones adapt, more easily, to the changes.

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children confinement

1.- Having a routine

Children and parents should carry a good schedule, because with online classes, they require more attention to understand school classes, as well as execute the activities that the teachers point out. Therefore, it is suggested that you set times to work and play, similar to that used.

You can put alarms and,in addition, to combine household activities with the studies, this will be of great help to the children more restless, because it will help them to know what to expect.

how to help children isolation

2.- Create new activities and exercises

Dr. David Anderson, clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, recommends that you make a rain of ideas by thinking in activities of the “ 80”, before there were various electronic devices, to promote the creativity of the young, for example, make recipes together. Try to learn a board game or engage in some artistic activity or craft.

how to help children isolation

3.- Control anxiety

We can all suffer from an ‘anxiety attack’ or suffering from some symptom of this disorder, but it is important to not share our fears with the children.

4.- Limit the consumption of news

It is necessary to stay informed, especially in these times, but it is suggested to have a daily quota of news, in the same way that a reasonable consumption of information through social networks, as virtual life can alter the perception of reality and create unnecessary panic. Is that the children know only the news that they understand, otherwise, they could begin to dream of nightmares.


5.- Maintain virtual contact

Socialization plays an important role in the regulation of mood, the same works for the children, therefore, get in touch with your family and loved ones, and allow children to see on the screens the faces of his acquaintances.

If possible try to contact some of his friends to make a video call or with some of his companions of the school, it will be comforting and encouraging.

how to help children isolation

6.- Show a positive attitude

Even though we are not living in the best scenario, and the schools are closed, as dozens of offices, some small thrill to know that you will spend more time at home with their parents. Use this feeling to drive the mood in the home and motivate their children to take advantage of this time to encourage family activities.

how to help children isolation

7.- Report to the children

Dr. Busman said: “Talking with children in a clear and reasonable about what is happening is the best way to help them to understand”. “But remember that children don’t need to know every little detail”.

The Tecnológico de Monterrey created a series of tips and materials to guide parents from home in how to inform children about the Covid-19. It is based on a series of six guidelines that will help you to diagnose what both know minor about the subject, to identify their concerns and to inform them of the best way possible according to their age. You can find out more here.

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how to help children isolation

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