Fun staff! Justin Bieber danced to the medical staff

The famous singer Justin Bieber have followers that are waiting for the new single made in collaboration with the also singer, Ariana Grande. These great performers, they decided to baptize the song as a “Stuck With u” what the Spanish would be something like “Stuck with you”. The idea of this new hit, is to help all those people who are going through a difficult time as a result of the confinement required.

The health crisis that sparked the coronavirus it has affected hundreds of people, not only on the part of health, but also mental. There are millions of plans that had to be cancelled, celebrations, travel, weddings and even graduation ceremonies. Motivated by all this, both Justin as Grande decided to sing to the love in the time of quarantine.

Missing minutes for Justin Bieber to publish a novelty

The interpreter of “Baby” published through his official account of Instagram a press release that invited their followers to be part of this new project, the idea was that fans recorded with their loved ones or alone, taking background the melody of the song. In this way, both artists could include these recordings to the official video of “Sruck With U“.

Thursday afternoon, Bieber showed a small portion of the expected video, as well as sentenced the countdown, since that is only a few hours to be published. In this open mouths, is achieved to see to the medical personnel dancing to his new song. Even, there is a group of doctors who went above and beyond, they used some masks with the face of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Without a doubt, are fans of both celebrities, and took the free time to have fun.

The information that was learned, confirmed that this project was not a simple song. Because the money that achieves collect this hit will be dedicated to help the people most affected by the Covid-19. Although up to now there were set the foundations that will be supported by these two interpreters of the music, the goal is clear. Both Bieber like Ariana are on-foot combat to help the less fortunate.