It moving! Jennifer Lopez adds up to a strong fight and sends a tender message


Since it declared a massive expansion of coronavirus as a pandemic, one of the artists who have followed closely the health situation is Jennifer Lopez, who has constantly tried to be a handy piece within the solution to the terrible disease that is affecting the whole world.

In this sense, the singer of “Jenny from the Block” not only has intervened in the search for a cure for the terrible disease, but also added recently to the initiative of Lady Gaga to bring together the different celebrities to sing and collect money that was allocated to the different charitable foundations, it was with this motive that the singer spoke to now.

Jennifer Lopez referred again to the cause that threatens the entire world but this time used it as a channel on the Day of the Nurse to congratulate the health professionals for the tireless work they do in favor of the global society that is facing one of the worst economic crisis since the Second World War.

The singer and actress of Latin origin it is occupied then taking social networking to relate significantly to all the nurses, for having posted the message so rewarding to receive at least a 600 thousand positive impressions on the part of all his army of fans, which will always remain outstanding of each of the movements of the singer.

“To celebrate the National Day of the Nurses, I wanted to send a special thank you. ¡We love you, we are with you and we are very grateful for everything that you’re doing!”, wrote the bride of Alex Rodriguez in a picture on Instagram that immediately became a favorite of his countless followers across the world.