Judge denies request Tekashi 6ix9ine to pay the remainder of his sentence at home


After requesting to terminate his sentence of 24 months in the house, the judge will order the case of Daniel Hernandez — better known as Tekashi 6ix9inePaul Engelmayer, denied the request and now Hernandez is obligated to finish his sentence in prison, where he is from 2018.

Through a press release, the judge Engelmayer revealed the following:

“The determination of the Court was, and is, a prison sentence of 24 months is necessary in this case… finish the sentence in the house would not reflect the gravity of their crimes.”

Hernandez pleaded guilty in January 2019 of nine charges related to their involvement with the criminal gang Nine Trey Gangsta Bloodsthe band he joined when he was just when his career in rap started to take off. 69 testified in trials against members of the gang Nine Trey, such as Anthony Ellison (Harv), and Aljermiah Mack (Nuke).

The judge’s decision was detrimental primarily to the partner of the rapper, Rachel Wattley, also known as Jade, who, after learning that Hernandez would not be home soon, released a new photo of the musician, accompanied by some words of support. Some of the statements of Jade were the following:

“You were kidnapped, had sex with the mother of your son, they were caught on the phone trying to kill you and steal millions of dollars… If it blew, for the rest of your life people will try to kill you for being a rat, but if it’s not what you did, you’d be 47 years in prison where they will kill you anyway… Sammy the Bull kills 19 people and received 5 years. Did not kill anyone and get 2 years. This shit is so fucked”.

Sara Molinathe mother of the son legitimate of a rapper, when you see the post from Jade, made a publication on the social networks where it is addressed directly to the couple of Tekashi, saying, “I don’t mentions if I don’t you’re going to see. You are weak”. In addition, he denied having had sexual relations with Shotti, the former partner of Hernandez.

“Imagine sleeping with a whore while he is still with her baby mamas… Not even hugs or kisses her, it seems that it dies on the inside standing next to you. You’re the only one who seems happy, silly”, says the message of Molina.

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