Kelly Clarkson thought that his son was deaf


2020-05-07 22:00:08

Kelly Clarkson thought her child was deaf while he was fighting with his hearing when he was a baby, but in reality was only caused by a buildup of wax.

Kelly Clarkson thought her child was deaf after that he had hearing problems when he was a baby.

The singer of ‘I Dare You’ has to Remington, of four years, with her husband Brandon Blackstock, and has revealed that he feared his son had been born deaf, because she had problems with her hearing and speech, which were caused by a buildup of ear wax

Kelly said: “I Had a problem speaking because I had this ear problem when he was a baby. We didn’t know it. But in the back of your ears, you are stuck with a ton of wax where we think, almost, he was deaf because he spoke as if he was under the water. “

The singer of 38 years was able to bring Remington to the doctor to remove the wax, and though the process was “simple”, Kelly says that her son has been “delayed almost nine months” when it comes to your ability to listen and to talk

The child now attends classes for speech therapy, which are currently underway in the application of video Zoom in the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus.

Kelly, who also has a five-year old daughter, River with Brandon, added: “we Found [out] It was something simple, but delayed nearly nine months. So we have been working very hard with his speech and is still doing his speech therapy through a Zoom. The big milestone for us is that Remy discover really your own personality and your identity, because it has been frustrating for him not being able to truly express his emotion.

“Is something really important and it is very frustrating for them and for us because we can’t communicate all the time. The fact that it is making complete sentences now and engage with us is truly a blessing.”

And the star also spoke about life in quarantine with his family in the midst of the global health crisis, because, he said, are currently in a “cabin” in the middle of Montana.

She told People magazine: “it Is very difficult to maintain the mind and emotional state together. We used to go to a place of business and work and then come home and that your place is relaxed, and there is where you are having fun. The same thing for children [with school].

“In addition to that, we thought that we were going to be here for a minute, but we didn’t know we were going to be here so long and we don’t have a home here. So we have been staying in a cabin. We have been very close and it has been crazy, I’m not going to lie.

“At the end of the day, I know people who have had corona and I am very fortunate and we are very blessed not to have been sick. We keep reminding that to our children, and we remind each other that.” But we definitely have something of fever in the cabin. “

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