Lizzo calls ‘hypocrites’ to the men who are judging the female physique

The singer Lizzo it has been erected in recent times not only as one of the artists most successful and reputable of the scene pop, but also as one of the activists most effective in regards to the need to neutralize the stringent beauty standards that still govern the world of the show.

In addition to defending the right of women to project security and magnetism, regardless of its size, now, the interpreter was criticized openly the double evaluation which is frequently used to assess the physique of men and women, as well as the hypocrisy of certain men who judge the female form, but wouldn’t that do the same thing with them.

“What we said all this about the nature of the oppressor? What tells us all this about these men who feel entitled to shame the women? Stop being so hypocritical and start to behave in another way, it is not that we are talking all the day about the size of their “parts”, right?“said the interpreter in conversation with the brazilian magazine TV Folha.

Artist with a cause

Beyond the praises he has been receiving for the role it played at the time of normalizing realities traditionally neglected or directly marginalized, what is certain is that Lizzo only one more of the long chain of women who have used their public profile to fight against injustices and discrimination of those who did not conform to the ‘norm’.

“I don’t think I’m very different to all those great women who preceded me and who literally were politicized by the mere fact of being sexual and to project that part of your nature… do you Know what I mean? It is as if they have to justify their mere right to exist”, he said with indignation in the same interview.

By: Bang Showbiz / Photo: Getty Images