Mothers celebrities who wear tattoos inspired by their children


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The love of a mother for her child is incomparable, and some celebrities decided to demonstrate it by capturing it on your skin in form of tattoos.

Such is the case of Angelina Jolie, who is characterized by the many designs that takes in ink, although one of them could be more special than the others, since it is a tattoo that lists all the coordinates of the places where were born their children.

For its part, the model German Heidi Klum has four children with Sealwith whom was married for 8 years. Helene, Henry, Lou and Johaneach one has a star engraved on the right arm of his mother.

As well as she, Drew Barrymore he paid a small tribute to his two girls, tattooing their names on the inside of his right wrist: Olive and Frankie.

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