Routine home gym quick and fun way to get in shape


Do you know the method Tabata? Stemmed from a study by japanese professor Izumi Tabata, thanks to which they discovered the real benefits that they get training fitness fast and intense. This is the basis on which underpin many of the routines that express which create the girls fit fashion networkssessions that are far removed from the typical 60 minutes that usually last for the classes of gym, but you have to give 100% tirelessly to get results. Although recently you had to have a firm your glutes only need 5 minutes a day and a mat, this time the training that you propose is even shorter and the entire body. The song, ‘Miss’ Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello is the protagonist of the exercises that activate all of your muscles on a global basis.

Training home

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Maddie Lymburner is the expert that has created this step-by-step of 3 and a half minutes in which to through of 9 exercises raise the heart rate, burn fat, and if you want, combine it with your daily walks to unite the benefits of cardio sessions, toning. ‘Senorita’ is the song that he has chosen Maddie for a workout that requires no equipment of any kind, just a mat in order to avoid injuries. These are the exercises of the class express that will not give you laziness to complete and those days you don’t feel like doing anything. And remember, give it all for the (little) time it takes to notice results.

Quick workout

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Exercise 1: Scissors combined

Lie on the mat and incorporates the trunk supporting the forearms on the ground. Then, lift up slightly on both legs of the ground and goes up the right hand stretched as high up as you can, pull it down and continues with the left. Then, bring the left knee towards the chest, again to stretch the leg and repeat with the left. Alternating between the two movements until the end of the chorus, which sings Camila Hair at the beginning of the song.

Exercise 2: Crunches with legs elevated

Now, lie down with legs elevated and flexed at an angle of 90°. Place the hands on the nape of the neck and performs abdominal classics, raising the trunk to a few inches of the soil. Remember that you must keep the abdomen in tension at all times, do not stand up by pulling on the neck. Conducted by the movement in the first part of the stanza that sings, Shawn Mendes.

Exercise 3: ‘Russian Twists’

In the second part of the stanza, lie with legs and arms stretched out. After, flex your right leg while you get up to touch with both arms, the left side of the mat. Return to the starting position and perform the movement again to the other side.

Exercise 4: Scissors combined

Repeat the first exercise during the chorus of the song, and remember to hold on tight the abdomen all the time. In this way you work the core – part of the abdomen and lower back – in addition to the legs, which should also be straight and never touch the ground, to achieve better results.

Exercise 5: Abdominal inverse and scissors fast

During the first part of the stanza, Camila Cabello, start lying with the stretched legs and hands on the nape of the neck, then lift the legs to form a right angle with the trunk, and descends without touching the floor. Repeat the movement 6 times. Then lift both legs a few inches off the ground and performed 10 movements in scissors quick and controlled.

Quick workout

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Exercise 6: Abdominal ‘in & out’

For this exercise, sit up by supporting the forearms on the ground and lift your legs a few inches of soil. After, about the knees to the chest and returns to the initial position. Repeat until you finish the second part of the stanza.

Exercise 7: Scissors combined

Comes back to the chorus and tap repeat exercises 1 and 4 again. Remember to keep the muscles under tension and controlling the breath to maximize the results.

Exercise 8: Crunches with leg curl

Now, lie down with legs and arms stretched out, the latter above the head. Then, bend the right leg at the same time that you get up and touch the knee with the hands. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise 4 times with the right side, and the other 4 with the left.

Exercise 9: Abdominal bicycle

To complete, lie with your hands resting on the nape of the neck and the legs stretched to a few centimeters of the soil. Then, bend the right leg at the same time that you get up to touch the knee with the opposite elbow, and vice versa. Gets a good pace to boost the results until the end of the song.

Has already finished the routine express of 3 and a half minutes at the rate of ‘Miss’. As you have seen, there are no breaks and you have to give everything during the training, the motto that should be recorded to fire in the mind is ‘short but intense’. Below you can see the video in which Maddie Lymburner performs all the session, copy their moves and try to repeat them several times a week.