Roxette and Lady Gaga to the local scene: the music that happened and that will come


Pier Gessle and Marie Fredriksson, in the nineties, when they recorded a cover of The Beatles

The death of

Marie Fredriksson


on the 9th of December last

took him to the duo


, which integrated over several decades together with the guitarist and composer Per Gessle, but it opened the door to a series of

re-issues and findings unpublished

their fans know how to savor.

This Friday is published

“Help”, a version of the Beatles classic

the Swedish duo recorded in the studio Abbey Road in London, the November 15, 1995. Unpublished until now, will be part of

BAG OF TRIX – Music from the Roxette Vaults

disk , a with versions, unique pieces and rarities, as this first preview of the album.

Well remembered Per and Marie the time in which it was recorded: “we Landed after the strong tour

Crash! Boom!!! Bang! World Tour

in may, we made a small cut in the summer and we went right to the studio in Stockholm to record four new songs of our first compiled

Don t Bore Us – Get To The Chorus!

The album came out in the fall and to promote it we decided to do a small show in Shepherd’s Bush, London and are also recording some acoustic songs in the Holy Grail of the studios, Abbey Road, to be issued by the BBC in England. We were so impressed by being in the place where they had recorded the “Fabulous Four” that we were not able to stop doing our version of ‘Help!’. It was a great day, with the history of pop at every corner and an incredible feeling of being part of the legacy of Abbey Road”.

Ricky Martin

is revisiting his work. Has a new version of “Sharks”, that he recorded alongside


. By the quarantine, the decision has been to make a video with pictures of each one, in their homes, taken with mobile phones. “We have had to record the video of ‘Shark Remix’ at home, during the confinement. Farruko has recorded their scenes in Puerto Rico, I am in Los Angeles and our director in Miami”, explained Ricky.

Coming soon

After some hesitation as to the time of the premiere, we finally put a definitive date for the release of the new album

Lady Gaga



. Will be on the 29th of this month. In addition to the complete list of topics, for now is only available the first cut of diffusion, which Gaga released in February of this year, “Stupid Love”. In total will be 16 tracks. “Chromatica I”, “Alice”, “Stupid Love”, “Rain On Me” (

with Ariana Grande

), “Free Woman”, “Fun Tonight”, “Chromatica II”, “911”, “Plastic Doll”, “Sour Candy” (with Blackpink), “Enigma”, “Replay”, “Chromatica III”, “Sine” From Above” (

with Elton John

), “1000 Doves” and “Babylon”.

Van Weezer

it will be the next album


. The release date was fixed: on the 15th of this month. But the pandemic of coronavirus, and the quarantines forced the band to reschedule that still has no exact date. Meanwhile, anticipates “Hero”, in order not to lose the contact with the fans. The video is sympathetic to the sequence of a letter that travels the world, hand in hand. At the end of the clip is known of their content, which bears the signature of Rivers Cuomo, lead singer and songwriter of the band. The content, as you would expect, has a lot to do with these times pandemic.

Jason Mraz

released the second single from his upcoming album,

Look For The Good

, which will be released on June 19. “Wise Woman” it’s called the premiere “Is a song about the Mother Earth, the love and the food that comes from women,” said Mraz. “Focuses on an herb garden, a small example of the ability of Mother Earth to provide sustenance and healing. A “Wise Woman” is also a title given to an elderly woman who has spent years working with plants and taught others their ways of wisdom, opening our eyes to the gifts of the natural world to a brighter future and healthy”.

The upward band colombian

Monsieur Perineum

just published “Parallel World”, a track that counts with the participation of one of the latino stars of the moment,

Peter Hood

. “We contacted Peter to work together on a new song that talk about life and the things that make worth living,” explained lead singer Catalina Garcia. “This song was born as an ode to the good vibes and the simple things. We wanted to sing about how nice it is to breathe and to be under the sun and the rain “.


The proliferation of crosses musical and recording sessions in the distance grew exponentially from the early days of the quarantines in different countries. And generated meetings, unthinkable as that of the sixth edition of


around the theme of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, “Everybody Love You”.

Karina Vismara, Martina Menendez, Sebastian Bereciartua, Dog Voyatjides and Maxi Larreta is connected with the

Black Crowes

Marc Ford and Sven Pipien and with John Hoog (The Magpie Salute, a kind of cleavage of the Crowes). Each from his house, of course.

Local scene

The guitarist

Jorge Minissale

anticipates the output of your disk


songs recorded at various shows that are offered during 2019, with a version of “Ana does not sleep”, by Luis Alberto Spinetta. His band, The Drivers, enlists Mariano Escudero (bass), Leandro Romero (guitar) and Martin Paladino (drums).

In streaming,

Silvina Moreno

you will be able to view next Monday, the 22nd, in a concert from your home, which will give the benefit of the community kitchen child “The morning Star”, of José C. Paz. The tickets for access to the streaming available through


. In addition, Moreno is climbing to their networks, a new video unedited each day, as a preview to the show Sunday. This is the version of “Will it be stupid?” that went up days ago. The log is from a recital he gave with his band The Tangent.

Classical and jazz

The next Sunday, at 20, the Teatro Colón issued through the platform

Culture House of the Government of the City

the concert that the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires, with direction by Carlos Vieu, offered last year along with the sopranos

Aida Garifullina

. The program included excerpts, overtures and arias from the works of Bizet, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Delibes, Puccini, Massenet and Leoncavallo.

Aida Garinfullina, during his visit to the Teatro Colón
Aida Garinfullina, during his visit to the Teatro Colón Credit: Courtesy Of Teatro Colón/ Maximum Parpagnoli

The National Directorate of Agencies Stable of the Secretariat of Cultural Management of The Nation performed by a virtual program with artists who integrate their casts. The row of violas of the

National Symphony Orchestra

made a version of the milonga “71”, Lito Vitale.

Banfield Teatro Ensamble

transmitted every Sunday, the 21st, a concert in a cycle dedicated to the jazz and other music. Started last Sunday, with a performance of Ernesto Jodos. Will continue to the next, with

Arethas, women of soul

(special concert in quarantine), a journey through the music of the great female voices of jazz and soul. From Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone and Gloria Gaynor to Madeleine Peyroux, Norah Jones and Amy Winehouse. The show is starred by Ayelén Machena (voice), Silvina Aspiazu (guitar and direction), Noeli and Nicole Machena (vocals), John Mazzetti (trumpet), Martin Eviction (bass) and Paul Stahl (drums).

The cycle continues on the 17th, with the trio 3M Merlo-Mono-Merlo (Mono Fontana, piano; Hernán Merlo, bass and Fermín Merlo, battery). And the 24, Kiki & BTE latin group.