Shakira, the abandoned dog that was adopted by police officers during the pandemic


11:40 am | may 07, 2020

This puppy is part of the group of pets abandoned by their owners for fear of spread of the coronavirus.

The fact that it happened in Guatemala, where a group of police officers went out on patrol during the State of emergency and ended up recruiting Shakira, a puppy that was presented to you through Facebook as the official mascot of the unit after being found wandering the streets in search of food.

Due to the pandemic by the COVID-19, many people have opted to get rid of their animals for fear of becoming infected with the virus, but until now, there is a scientific study that certifies the veracity of the preposition.

There are thousands of dogs that roam the city aimlessly, some run with the luck of being rescued by some hostels. However, the case of Shakira was highlighted in the social networks because of the large actions of the agents then exchanging glances for the first time.

The members of the Municipal Police of Transit (PMT) of Tejar, a town located in the municipality of Chimaltenango, they decided to climb up to the pet in the car and drive it across the city to catch the irresponsible disregard to the laws.

“This afternoon we have decided to change the lives of this cute street dog and now becomes our official mascot of the PMT”, wrote on their page Facebook, attaching some photographs of the rescue.

  Facebook viral: police officers end up adopting a dog without a home while patrolling the streets during the quarantine period. | Photo: Capture

“Are you bathed and bought him food. You will have the necessary care (veterinarian) for a dignified life. Also a special thanks for the Costume of a PMT that they gave us for this identified”, added.