Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello celebrated the International Day of the Earth


The social isolation and concern for the coronavirus continues. Humanity has faced one of the most difficult situations in its history,the disease is not only affects health, it also has had a negative impact on social life, emotional and economic of the people.

In spite of everything, the celebs have tried to keep you safe during quarantine and advise their fans on to take care of yourself and follow the health recommendations. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello they have shared the emotional moments through their social networks and took the opportunity to send a message important.

Through its account of Instagram,
Shawn decided to share a
storie to the side of
Camila to commemorate this celebration of nature. The couple posed in front of the camera with a big smile and titled his video with
“Happy Earth Day”.

Despite the difficult times we are living, we should not neglect the planet. The canadian wanted to create awareness about the environmental problems, because although there is a pandemic, we should not leave aside the
pollution and global warming. Being at home you can start to learn to separate the garbage or take some and tutorials to recycle the things that you have in the house.

Shawn also took the opportunity to share some of the organizations in charge of reforesting forests, because sometimes droughts or fires they end up with large acres of trees and habitat of various animals. This day is to reflect and to put our grain of sand to prevent more situations like the one we live in.

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What is the International Day of the Earth?

From 11 years ago, the UN established in April 22 as the day to commemorate our planet. This date is not a celebration as such, but is an opportunity to revisit and deal with various environmental problems that affect the nature. Campaigns are carried out and shared several articles to raise awareness of global warming, deforestation, pollution and various factors that have degraded the ozone layer, and the different ecosystems.

Despite the fact that was formalized in 2009, it was in the decade of the 60’s that people started to worry, a senator named Gaylord Nelson started a series of manifestations in order to carry out actions and to curb the environmental deterioration.