So is the diet with that Adele went down to 50 kilos


Adele he waited until may to make his first publication of the year in Instagram.

The british singer exceeds 33 million followers on the social network, but does not usually post much there, keeping an inconspicuous life and everything away from the media attention that it is possible.

However, the last photo with her fans in which she poses with a minidress with black motif of his 32 birthday on the 5th of may.


“Thank you for all the love that I have sent for my birthday. I hope that all of you are well, safe, in these times of crazy. I want to give thanks to emergency personnel and essential workers that keep us safe while risking their lives. You are our authentic los angeles”, wrote.

The picture, which appears surrounded by an arch of roses, was made viral by the physical change that has been experienced performer of hits like Someone like you.

What is the diet that did it? It’s called “diet Sirtfood”a scheme of up to a thousand calories per day and based on sirtuins, a group of enzymes that are responsible for regulating your metabolism, among other bodily functions.

Adele, a loca linda

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Developed by nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Mattenthis technique that the british singer has managed to lose 50 pounds, consists of eating foods that speed up metabolism and burn fat.

In the first stage, Adele only consumed fruit and vegetable juices, made from green tea, citrus fruits, apples, turmeric, and parsley, among other foods. Once past the first four days, he continued with the same restrictive diet, adding other types of fruit juices and foods like chicken.

In addition, not only left the tobacco and the alcohol: it also continued to “a plan of exercises that blend Pilates with strength training exercises”. According to The Sun, the artist supplemented that plan by following tutorials and videos of the gurus of the fitness as Joe Wickscoach of his intimate friend, Jennifer Lawrence.