“Stuck with U”, the collaboration from home of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber


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It is the collaboration of the moment in social networks. It is Stuck with Uthe song that launched the early morning hours of this Friday Ariana Grande with Justin Bieber.

The duet who performed two of the stars of pop’s greatest moment out in the middle of the pandemic by coronavirus, which is an important part of the world by performing a quarantine as a preventive measure.

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Just it is this that reflects the video that they released to accompany the single, since it looks to both singers going on the day-to-day in their homes, the canadian with Hailey Baldwin, his wife, and the american mostly with your dog.

In the same video clip, there are also other recordings of different people during confinement while they interpret the song. Already at the end of the log, Ariana appears embraced with who is presumed to be your partner.

Stuck with U, which also refers to being locked into a place with a person, it is a song for the benefit of First Responders Children’s Foundation, which funds grants and scholarships for the children of the professionals of health, safety and emergency working during this global pandemic.

Some days ago, both singers had released versions, brief and instrumental of this song by way of advancement, something that had excited their fans, as the name the song quickly became a trending topic both in Chile and at global level a time it was officially released.