The burst! The hole in the leggings of Alexa Dellanos I taught!


The ‘moments ‘ earth, swallow me’ are distributed equally between famous and that we are not, the only ‘but’ is that the comments can last much longer, almost an eternity.

To Alexa Dellanos gives equal what you say and what you talk to her while she does what comes in wins. Does not matter to him to bear against his unknown profession, if that leaves its curves come to the fore or that is to say who lives of the fame of his mother, the journalist Myrka Dellanosif that makes your followers increase, Alexa is list.

Always by default from fabric, never to excess and always teach more, that is the tonic of the publications of this blonde, and apparently, his life in general, and sure that you do not have free time!

Bags expensive, designer clothes and private jets appear in all its publications, and it looks as if you had earned with the hardest of jobs, what irony.

What we know and what has never hidden is that you want to be in this world, which has discovered that the section pink you going and that merits and curves to belong to it are missing.

That’s why when let photograph with some leggings ajustadísimos and the height of the rear, in a hole of a huge size we can’t avoid thinking if the broken is scheduled or if it has occurred because I had to spendthe reventaste, Alexa!

We already know from the size of his rear, and his front, but he has disoriented both the publication that we dare not venture, or bet on the innocence of Dellanos.

In the end, has become an expert in look palm and live it-what a machine!