The daughter of Will Smith is left to shave the head in a show of anxiety


The children of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have followed the footsteps of their parents and for a long time, they are highlighting themselves in the world of art and entertainment. Known in part for its eccentric personalities, both Jaden (21 years) and Willow (19 years old) can claim, despite his youth, to be raising two career paths multifaceted and subversive.

And the last example of this has been in charge of it I was the youngest of the famous marriage: Willow has carried out a curious performance at the Geffen Contemporary, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, which has not left anyone indifferent. The teenager has been locked up 24 hours next to her boyfriend, Tyler Cole, in a cubicle with a glass partition that allowed the spectators to observe their behavior, with which he intended to explore the different stages of anxiety.

The couple began their performance at nine in the night of Wednesday and was concluded at nine in the evening of the day of yesterday. During this time, they sought, as they themselves announced previously, to embody “the emotional spectrum within the human mind, and through artistic performance”. With the prohibition of speaking, Willow could make sounds and also painted the walls of the cubicle, made of canvas, with various messages. But without a doubt, the part that surprised most of the action was that he decided to shave his head completely.

And is that in some moment of ‘closure’, her boyfriend took a razor and rasuró to Willowthat experienced the moment sitting on a chair, murmuring from time to time as the dreadlocks of his hair fell to the floor. The episode was also recorded by his own mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, who shared it on Instagram. “Willow Smith in your interactive experience. My little shaved head! Again!”. In addition, the wife of the popular actor also uploaded a picture to which he added the following comment: “The start of a new beginning.”

Both Willow and Cole were able to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom at specific timesbut that’s not reducing the power to the performance. Once shaved, the teen encasquetó in the head a rabbit’s ears and he continued to paint the cubicle. In addition, also holding up a sign that would read: “When you exercise patience… you are emulating the true spirit of nature”. The couple came up with the idea of the show, as told in an interview last Tuesday to The los Angeles Times, when they were recording his next recording project, which have also been called ‘The Anxiety’ (‘Anxiety’).