The day that Henry Cavill was invented by Henry Cavill


Henry Cavill is not dead. It is not useless to remind once in a while. Especially when the Internet has tried to kill him once already. Yes, the Internet with the uppercase i, in plan awareness absurd collective and universal. Because the march 4, 2018, the Internet, via Wikipedia, that he slew Henry Cavill, as he had already killed before, I don’t know, Paul McCartney. And if the Internet is willing to kill you is because you have transcended time and space, as the musician. But his (faked) death has an explanation: a mustache, his mustache. A mustache that embarrassed the stans of the Justice League having to be removed digitally…

… already, already, again with the moustache of Henry Cavill. It is true. But if you think about it has had to come Gerard of Rivia, the very Witcher, to kill with their swords once and for all to the moustache of Henry Cavill not literally, but metaphorically, that is the one that has a warranty in time and in space. Because you leave or not leave a mustache in the future, no one else is going to put back in. never with Henry Cavill. So now there is a before and after the mustache of Henry Cavill for the public, but a before and after of The Witcher. You’ve read what you’ve read. But, however the true before and after of Henry Cavill scored himself when he embarked on the Tudor, giving life to Charles Brandon.

Prior to that role, all were infinite possibilities: that if he could have been this (Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter) or the other (Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga, and James Bond and Superman… before Superman). But always something happened that left him at the gates. But after The Tudor became unstoppable. Then it got to be Superman, spy, and Gerard of Rivia.

Henry Cavill, of course, is much more than a whisker of 3 million dollars. And it’s a lot more of the actor who participated in a move of marketing in the style of Henry Willson during the promotion post-Superman I wanted we we thought that was paired with Kaley Cuoco, but not deceived or magazines.

Dale al play, you what we have.