The last nerd to the Harry Potter Margot Robbie


Is there someone that mole more than Margot Robbie? As the answer is no but here it comes to reading and laughing, we will continue writing. But since you already admit that it is due to earn the bread because we need any justification. Recall that last week he premiered two films, The scandal (for which he was nominated for an Oscar) and Birds of prey (and the fantabulosa emancipation of Harley Quinn). Yes, if you had forgotten to speak of the very Harley Quinn. But well, I said, earn our bread, let us continue…

Robbie, in addition to embody the female character more powerful in the comics (who have seen the movie theatres), is, in addition, an aunt of fun. Recently we talked about how he counted his time as a tattoo on bachelorette parties and the one time that you stole toilet paper. They also discussed their mettle, holding the trolling of Jim Carrey. Each interview Margot Robbie is a new opportunity to find some damn flaw, find any occasion in the wrong, boring, little ingenious, or unpleasant. But the truth is that each occurrence makes the mole more. A friend named Jesus, told me once that you don’t just like Margot Robbie, because it seemed like the typical perfect girl, queen of the institute, head cheerleader, etc, etc, as you Already know, there are tastes for all people and for all tastes. But my friend Jesus is wrong, and is easily demonstrable.

Robbie has been declared many times by fan of comics and everything related to your character. Something they tend to say all the actors and actresses involved in such allowances to meet the fandom. However, only just heard suspicions that they lie actresses. Of course, “they don’t like comics”. Margot Robbie has to fight that prejudice idiot in a multitude of interviews. Some, like Graham Norton will help you do it better than others. To demonstrate the past and childhood nerd that Margot Robbie has always said to have, the british has decided to change the subject. Beyond Harley Quinn, the australian has always been declared to be a fan of Harry Potter.

Although we could discuss the way in which she is indignant with Daniel Kaluuya for not having read the last book or the time in which he asserts that he did not need glasses but, at that time, he lied to the ophthalmologist to resemble the magician, we are left with the picture that, in addition, was made on the day of his 13 birthday. Because Jesus, friend of mine, Margot Robbie could have been, if he wanted to, the perfect prom queen, but also, like you, spent their birthday with a pint of nerd total reading Harry Potter with a cup of tea in hand.

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