The pictures of prince Louis and Salma Hayek share symbolism


prince Louis birthday message, hidden

Many of us have had that spend our birthdays in the running of the bulls, including some of the members of the royal family as the queen Elizabeth and the prince Louis. The small is two years old today and the Kensington Palace celebrated by sharing two albums (the photos were taken by his mom, the duchess of Cambridge) in which appears super tender with the hands and cheeks painted different colors and share a symbolism with one of the more recent publications of Salma Hayek.

Louis has the colors of the rainbow in the palms of hands and cheeks, and the choice of these colors just go beyond the little enjoy themselves painting, but because the rainbow is a symbol of hope that has been used during the pandemic for coronavirus.

On the first album that shared the Kensington Palace reads: “I sharing a sneak preview of the work of Prince Louis before his second birthday! ?. The duke and duchess of Cambridge are pleased to share new images of prince Louis, taken by the duchess this April”.

In the second publication, the Palace made a comparison of Instagram vs. Reality the small royal.

And what is it that they have in common with Salma Hayek? The mexican actress shared a couple of days ago an image that appears with the face painted the colors of the rainbow. In the photo caption he wrote: “I painted this rainbow on the face because it is a symbol of friendship and hope. Thanks to all the health workers for their courage and tenacity.

Despite the fact that the rainbow has also been recognized for a long time as a symbol of the LGBTQ+ and continues to be, the children of the United Kingdom and around the world have adapted it as a symbol to share a message of optimism and union against the pandemic.