The recess benefits to Roger Federer and Serena Williams


The unusual break from the tennis in the midst of the pandemic of coronaviruses has been a blessing and a curse in the careers of some players. Some of them have the opportunity to relax and simultaneously work on their tennis skills.

While players of lesser rank, are struggling to pay their bills. Taking into account the best players, like Serena Williams and Roger Federer , the break will be beneficial for them. Boris Becker feels that both will benefit from the scale.

“If you lose the year, I don’t think it’s bad for Federer or Serena,” said Becker to Sky Sports . “I don’t really have abused your body for a year, so that in a certain way, have won a year”

Benefits for Roger Federer and Serena Williams Williams has plenty of time to discover the limitations of his game. She knows how to make an extra effort to capture his unfulfilled dream of 24th Slam.

During the break, the ace american also has enough time to relax and recover. Previously, Billie Jean King stated that the scale will have a positive impact on the career of Serena.

Federer has been fortunate and has benefited more than this parenthesis. Withdrew from tournaments from February to June, underwent a knee surgery and planned to resume his tour during the season of grass.

I was fully prepared to leave the ranking of the first five, but now, the swiss maestro is safe in the position four until they restart the season. The three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray has not played any games in 2020 due to a groin injury that arose during the low season last year.

With this break, the british have enough time to recover. In addition, if the Open de France 2020 begins in late September, Murray is considering making an appearance at the Paris Major.

“I think it’s good for players like Andy Murray because it gives you more time to prepare physically to return in 2021,” added Becker. “I don’t think that young players benefit” – Boris Becker on the end of the tennis On the contrary, the NextGen might not benefit much of the rest.

In other words, they lost a class of tennis a year. “I don’t think that the young players really benefit because they lose a year, gaining experience and playing matches. If there is any group, I think that will be the most affected.

Because they have never taken that much time off, ” added Becker. The best players like Novak Djokovic , Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer know how to master their skills with their past experiences, and are in an extreme winner.

“We will not see a change of shape of them, but the young players will take longer to get back,” he added. The tour of the tennis courts is suspended until July 13, 2020, and there are chances that the recess extends a few more weeks.