The spicy cravings Katy Perry | News


At the beginning of the month of march we learned that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were expecting their first baby. The pregnancy, obviously must already be sufficiently advanced (the first few months are always in doubt), will come to an end this summer, as confirmed on their social networks, but is leading to california for a few cravings that I never would have expected.

The responsible of Never worn white (which will give the ‘ yes I want this same year) confirmed that they were expecting a girl, and judging by their ‘likes’ is going to be to take up arms. Among the traditional cravings pregnant it is very common to the of the pickles and the singer confesses that he has also succumbed. What is less frequent is fond of spicy flavors. And Katy Perry is waging a peculiar internal battle with itself because it has never been in enjoy with strong flavors.

“My cravings number 1 right now is the roasted avocado with tabasco. I never in all my life I’ve been a big fan of spicy foods but now my mouth is burning”, has explained the soloist during their participation in a charity event to raise funds for people most in need in these times of pandemic.

Katy Perry still has a long way to travel until the last few weeks of pregnancy that will coincide with the summer, and when we assume that we will enjoy another classic cravings of pregnancy: the vanilla ice cream.

“There are many things that happen this summer. Not only will I give birth, literally. I am excited, we are excited and happy. It is probably the secret to more long that I’ve had to save,” commented some months ago on his state of good hope, whose pros and cons sure that you are enjoying.

Without a doubt, this will be an important year for the singer who, presumably will pass by the altar, it will light and will release his fifth studio album which will address issues of mental health.