They criticize Demi Lovato for her weight gain, and it is time that we stop


Women are not reduced to their measures.

The struggle of Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has given a lot to talk about along his career. In a startup, left his charming smile that made famous in Disney and replaced by a stage full of self-destruction; drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, were the foundations in the life of the actress and singer.

Went through hard times, but knew how to get up. Although it is a struggle that will have to live with every day, has managed to to be reborn stronger than ever. In his latest single talks about the importance of self-love giving a great lesson.

The criticism of the singer

Recently, Demi made a musical collaboration with Sam Smith. Both famous showed a chemistry second to none, and forged a great friendship not hesitate to boast via their social networks.

In a publication of the singer that appears in the Lovato embraced him, the criticisms were unleashed at once. Although there were many who praised the talent of the two, and their beautiful relationship; they were not exempt from the negative comments. Especially related to the weight of the singer.

It is time to stop

Society has taught us to becoming obsessed with the physical. If someone thins it “celebrating”it,and if you see that it has extra pounds “is at its best”. While if, for some reason does not meet the pre-established measures is termed sloppy.

The demands are much greater for women and it is time to stop. Being thin is not synonymous with health, and we cannot continue aborting people by their actions. We are more than our physical, is the time to realize.

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