Tom Holland will kick ass Venom and Carnage in this trailer fanmade


There are rumors that the Spider-Man of Tom Holland might have a cameo in the upcoming movie Venom and the fans would be more than pleased to do so. It has been said enough about it, and now Sony Interactive Entertainment have a “Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters” makes us think that there will be more crossovers between their different characters and universes. For now solopodemos speculate, and also enjoy what they do the fans to see their superheroes and villains favorites in the same place, as this amazing trailer in which Holland is facing Venom and Carnage.

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The trailer was made by the youtuber Billy Crammer and combines scenes from different films and trailers, including Venom and Spider-Man: Far From Home. In the stunning trailer Holland faces Tom Hardy, and Cletus Kasady, and in addition presents to us the concept of the costume completely black Spider-Man.

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It is likely that we have a cameo from Holland in Venon: Let There Be Carnageespecially considering that SIE had planned and even recorded one for the first part of Venombut in the end was not included due to the intervention of Disney and Marvel.

On the other hand it is rumored that they might make an appearance in Morbius.