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It is not a secret that celebrities are always looking for exclusivity, and, of course, that is also true at the time of choosing the name for their children. In recent years, several artists have chosen to leave the traditional names in the past and have chosen other more original or less well-known to call to their heirs.

If we talk about names a little common that celebrities have put their children have to start with the singer Miguel Bosé. Their four children are called Thaddeus, Telmo, Ivo and Diego. Thaddeus is a name of aramaic origin, and has not been a common name in Spain in the last 100 years. Telmo has its origin in Antelmo, the name of the source in German that means “one who protects”. The name of Ivo could be related to the Ivan, while Diego is the more common of the chosen by the artist.

Rappers Cardi B and Offset are not left behind and their small named “Kulture Kiari Cephus”. The peculiar name came from the combination of the title of the first two albums of his dad (Culture and Culture II).

Cameron Diaz and her partner, the rocker Benji Madden, you were his first daughter “Wildflower”. It is speculated that it is in honor of Drew Barrymore, a friend of the soul of the actress.

Kate Winslet also opted for a name that is uncommon to his third son, who was called Bear, which translated to English means bear.

The singer Beyoncé gave him his first daughter “Blue Ivy”. “Blue” is blue in English and makes reference to the favorite color of the baby’s father, Jay-Z Carter.

Celebrity Kim Kardashian got to her first daughter North in Spanish is Norte. His maternal grandmother explained that the parents put that name because it means “the higher power” and the girl “is the highest point in their lives together.” Saint, as the name of your second son, is not far behind. While their last two children are called: Chicago and Psalm.

Actor Orlando Bloom and his former spouse, the model Miranda Kerr, named their only son Flynn. The name comes from the irish and means “son of the lord red-haired”.

The singer Alejandro Sanz, after Manuela and Alexander, named his third son Dylan. This is a name of celtic origin, specifically welsh. It was a god connected with the sea and has gained a lot of popularity in countries like the united States or the United Kingdom, reaching also to the Spanish-speaking world. And chose a Soul, to name their last daughter, who is four years currently.

The couple of actors Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, for his second daughter, also chose a name little used: Moon.


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