What becomes Henry Cavill in the role of Superman?


Even when you came to think that the journey of Henry Cavill as Superman had come to an end after the various disappointments, new sources claim that the actor of ‘The Witcher’ returns to the universe of Warner Bros. and DC for a second production of “Man of Steel”.

Until this moment, the news are nothing more than rumors that are stating that the production alone of ‘Supergirl’ has been delayed by this secret project of ‘Superman 2’. It seems that the Universe Extended of DC is living her own family dispute between cousins Kal-El and Kara Zor-El to see who will star in the new film of Warner.

According to the same media, Heroic Hollywood, the study had considered the move to Cavill as the interpreter of Superman, however, decided to stick with him “until the end”. Be that as it may, we must remember that this is all based on a few assumptions, there is still no official confirmation that ensures that the actor will return.

What Warner and DC will listen to the fans?

The same rumors claimed that Cavill had hung the coat definitely like Superman, especially after ‘Justice League’ also was a failure within the productions of the duo DC and Warner. On the whole, became more strong when in the scene post credit ‘Shazam!’ is showed to the Man of Steel but it is presumed that it was not interpreted by “his usual actor”, as he never showed his face.

We are confident that there are many fans that even knowing that these are speculations, are not happy with the decision that Cavill will return as Superman, and that even is considering making a sequel to his movie.

But, what can we expect? Warner Bros. it is not precisely recognized for their good decisions, until the moment when-alone ‘Aquaman’, ‘Joker’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ are the productions that are considered a success of the company –within the DC universe, so that neither can we feel so “offended” if the decision were to be true; we have already shown bad selections of casting before.