Will Smith and the meeting of the actors of The Prince of Bel-Air | News


Who was going to say that after so many years waiting for the long-awaited meeting of The Prince of Bel-Air the we were able to enjoy thanks to Snapchat. On that platform Will Smith it has opened a channel that is doing direct with the name of Will From Home.

And nothing better than to meet with the vast majority of the protagonists of the hit sitcom that starred in the 90’s. The whole family Banks (except the already well-known exceptions) was present as well as some of the secondary characters that they won during the six seasons of the show.

Alfonso Riberio (Carlton), Tatyana Ali (Ashley), Karyn Parson (Hillary) and Daphne Maxwell Reid (the ‘second’ Vivian) no failed to attend in a event, if I had a live audience would have beaten all records for decibels.

The show Will Smith also counted with the presence of Geoffrey the butler, played by Joseph Marcell and Jazz, the friend of thug of Will that always went off home, to whom he gave life Jazzy Jeff.

During the episode of Will From Home did not make any mention of a possible reboot or sequel of one of the series most beloved in the recent history of television. It is more of a bath of nostalgia with the goal of entertain you for a few minutes those who for years were millions of viewers.

One of the great absent was the actor James Avery who played Phillip Banks, who died on new year’s Eve of 2013 after a heart attack at 68 years of age. Another of the notable absences was that of Janet Hubert, the actress who played the role of Vivian Banks during the first three seasons. Of all it is known that the relationship between the interpreter and Will Smith never was cordial, and has always accused the actor of his departure from the series.

Through his Instagram Will Smith has uploaded a small excerpt of everything that happened but if you want to watch the full video you’re going to have to use Snapchat…