Will Smith feels responsible for the misinformation of the coronavirus


Will Smith he has joined the long list of famous personalities that are stressing the awareness of the population that meets the recommended measures by the health authorities to try to slow the advance of the coronavirus. The actor has participated with his daughter Willow in the ‘Red Table Talk’, the program of his own wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, that focused on answering several questions relating to the current pandemic and to refute false information about the virus with the support of many experts.

“I wanted to do this”he told Smith on the program, “because in 2007 I did ‘I Am Legend’ and I feel responsible for much of the disinformation”. The film refers to the interpreter narrated the struggle for the survival of the last man alive on the planet, a brilliant scientist, after a terrible virus (to which he is immune) has transformed humanity into vampires.

Smith spoke of the knowledge that he was able to get when I was working on the construction of the character of Robert Neville: “When I was preparing for ‘I Am Legend’, my character was a virologist so I had the opportunity to go to a Center for Disease Control and Prevention and developed an understanding of foundational basic of the virus and viral pathogens that really changed my life and my way of observing the world”said the actor.

And it is this learning that is now reconcome the actorwhich believes that could have made a greater effort, given its projection in the media, in informing the population about these matters. In any case, the special program of ‘Red Table Talk’ served in part to compensate for his supposed ‘irresponsibility’. Among other things, the interpreter he spoke about the extreme need of to carry out social distancing to prevent the collapse of health care.

The actor and his family also wanted to highlight the important role of youth in managing the crisis by taking seriously the confinement. Smith promoted the talk on Instagram with the following message: “Do not be afraid to ask and investigate… especially young people. Depends on all of you to create distance and protect the most vulnerable among us.”