With indita photo, Salma Hayek welcomes you to Instagram to Johnny Depp: “I can’t believe it”


City of Mexico.- The beautiful and renowned actress, Salma Hayek, caus a stir on social networks to share a indita photo on the appears accompanied of one of the greatest artists of all Hollywood, Johnny Depp.

It was through his official account of Instagramthat the veracruz public the instant in which he appreciates very ‘pegadita‘when one is selected at the time of its youth, with which he wanted to welcome you to this social network.

Welcome to Johnny Depp to Instagram”, I wrote the celebrity on the postcard.

Almost immediately, the faithful fans, and fans of both celebrities were present in the publication to fill both of flattery and praise, besides ask them to participate together in a film.

I can’t believe it, that young men”.

The best together.”

I love both of you.”

Source: Instagram @salmahayek