Without hair! Alexa Dellanos touch it, it rotates and stops to photograph!


Alexa Dellanos as the personality of Instagram, has a very particular announce new things to your audience. The intelligence to call the attention perhaps comes from his mother, Myrka Dellanos, who has a run important as a journalist and television presenter. The beauty inherited from it, and now he took another way to use it to your favor. Alexa with 23 years already has close to 2 million followers, entering a privileged place of the young influencers. Do you want to know what is announced?

Leaving behind the preamble, the small Dellanos, or at least as they call it in your family, presented their new mascot to the public. In the photo is seen holding her new dog, while using a sporty style tiny with a gigantic cleavage. It is still a mystery if the neckline has an end. The message that accompanied the photo was: Get to know our little princess, Truffle!“.

The first to respond to the publication was her mother, who commented: “Truffle drink !!! Wow, I love it!. Also echoed in the publication of other important personalities, including her mysterious boyfriend, Alec Monopoly, who covers his face in every one of his photographs, and I still don’t know understand the real reason.

The brief exchange of Alexa Dellanos

Alexa found fame in his pictures with little clothing, however, there came a moment that for a spiritual matter associated with christianity, he decided to change the style. The followers that admired them for their audacity characteristic, began to complain because they thought that no would see it as before.

He spent a short time and it seems that the change did not make it feel better, because that came back with the explosiveness of an absolute other times. Currently, Alexa Dellanos is still opening step as one of the most beautiful women on the social networks. We will see if you are encouraged soon to show you another talent in addition to the modeling risque.