12 bathrooms. “And they say the infanta Cristina!”. Uncovered this (and is of fireworks)

May 09, 2020
(14:25 CET)

The heritage of the royal house is usually criticized. Both of the kings Felipe VI and Letiziaas the emeritus Juan Carlos and Sofiaas well as flaunted by the princesses Elena and Cristina.

“And we all pay the Spanish”, is one of the phrases we most often hear among citizens who criticize the wealth of the monarchy. And especially lately, after the scandal that points to Juan Carlos I after having gained allegedly 100 million euros in commissions from Saudi Arabiafor their participation in the construction of the Ave Medina-Mecca.

Juan Carlos I | EFE

But eye, because in the Uk just uncover a number of details that have led some even to defend the Spanish royal house. “And they say the infanta Cristina!”, she exclaimed more than one.

This is the home of Meghan Markle and prince William

As published by the Daily Mail and collect TZM, Meghan Markle and the prince Harry currently live in a a mansion valued at 18 million dollars. And that is supposed to have renounced the privileges that it provides to be part of the british royal family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle presented to the baby

The house in question would be situated in the urbanization Beverly Ridge Estatesin Beverly Hillsand it would be the property of the actor Tyler Perry. The ‘mall’ that I would have gotten the purple would have been the presenter Oprah Winfrey. The latter, by the way would not be a coincidence, since the account that Winfrey aim to get the first interview with the dukes of Sussex since they left Buckinghamfor that you would be willing to pay up to 1 million dollars.

12 bathrooms and 8 rooms

Turning to housing, we are talking about a huge mansion, with eight bedrooms, twelve bathrooms and a huge garden with swimming pool where you can spend comfortably the confinement by the coronavirus.

It is fair to say that William and Meghan they would be there temporarily, and that they would be paying a few $ 40,000 the month of rental. And is that your intentions to spend to buy a mansion $ 13 million in the neighborhood of Pacific Palisades, where they live, among others, Ben Affleck and your partner Ana de Armasor Tom Hanks.