A short mini-and nothing more! Jennifer Lopez takes it all on the couch


May 08, 2020
(20:08 CET)

No matter the photo you posted Jennifer Lopezbecause that will always be the component of sensuality built in. The clothes that she chose to pose in front of the camera on this occasion was short, showing off the body that you do not lose the ability to amaze the observers.

The selection of the outfit is not presented too many complications, because it dealt only with a short mini, the rest of the outfit was her skin. On a sofa and giving his back to the camera, the world famous backline of JLo was again in evidence.

About to turn 51 years of age, the time simply allows you to magnify how good that looks in every way. Can be counted with one hand the singers or actresses with 5 decades come close to a similar figure of a Goddess.

A lot of talk about the exercise routines that I have done for years the Diva of the Bronx, but it ignores the mental factor. And is that the mental health represents a point of equal importance to the physical for the body to respond in the best way over the years.

The trick of optimism that recommended Jennifer Lopez

To have the mind clear and in favor of the positive things translates into optimism. Obviously for someone like Jenny with pretty much all settled in life, the easier it becomes. However, there is a trick that has been recommended and that can help to all the to try.

For more than 120 million followers on Instagram, Jennifer Lopez commented on the following technical optimism: “I am accustomed to say three things that I am grateful as soon as I open my eyes and then, at night, when I’m lying in the bed, here are three good things in a loud voice that happened that day. It could be anything … and I try to change them so that they are not the same thing every day. Stay positive and safe.”