Antonio David Flores calla this psychological problem that Dew Flowers takes you on a secret


May 08, 2020
(14:55 CET)

Yiya has become the ninth was expelled from the issue, however, has managed to close its chapter more stormy before you leave. Extremadura had an enemy intimate, Dew Flowers. During these months it has not stopped harassing and using derogatory comments to plunge her. This cost him a nomination to disciplinary action and a future demand of the young. However the blood has not reached the river. When joined to the contestants on a single computer and they had to share a small portion of the island all feared the worst, but far from brawling they came to make friends.

It has been something that has surprised and much, even to those who are interested. Much more when Dew Flowers has entrusted it to open in channel, and tell a harsh story of his past. The daughter of Antonio David Flores spoke with her about her life change seven years ago when he quarreled with his mother and went to live with his father. He lived in Malaga and that was a move difficult.

dew flowers broken“In the short time of being with my father we went to Malaga”, he began to explain to his companions while they were enjoying a beautiful sunset. It was very hard to change his whole life, something that Yiya did not imagine. He lost it all. He struggled to adapt to the new situation. “I struggled a lot to adapt. I had never changed school and my friends were the ones who had since you were a baby,” he explained.

Now she is happy and confesses that I would never leave the andalusian city to go live back to the capital. “Just for going to Madrid, getting off the train and see the traffic I get anxiety” it has opened up.

Dew Flowers re-open once more. During these almost three months of contest is the survivor that has been opened up on direct. Has revealed many episodes they were unaware of his life and of his mother, Rocío Carrasco.