Antonio David Flores was not expected for her to appear. What loose everything. And gets into a Dew Flowers in a mess

May 09, 2020
(16:05 CET)

The step of Dew Flowers by Survivors has awakened many ghosts from the past. As expected, the name of Rocío Carrasco it has been heard on more than one occasion on the sets Telecinco. And also in the magazines coated paper.

In this sense, the young contestant, one of the candidates to win the contest, has sent a message to his mother, for the care of the same. For example, when Flowers congratulated his mother for her birthday. Or when she starred in an anxiety attack, not knowing anything of her during the pandemic spread of the coronavirus.

Dew Flowers letter brothers

What reconciliation?

So, there are many voices who have spoken about possible reconciliation. For example, Rosario Mohedano. The daughter of Amador Mohedano and Rosa Benito been granted a few words to the magazine Readings he has spoken on the matter.

The premium Dew Flowers is defined as the “mediator”. “I’m always in the middle and that is difficult. When I have to say something or pull the ears, I do. With mine I do not short. In that I have gone to my aunt”, pointing to the magazine.

“I need to know how it is. The rest I have left, I think I deserve that”, he added regarding whether there would be reconciliation or not.

What he didn’t want Antonio David Flores

However, that is precisely what I would not want to nor Dew Flowers or Antonio David. Getting third parties by means that are able to convert that approach into a war of sides. Because if that happens, since then you will not see the above-mentioned reconciliation.

And meanwhile, Mohedano is very proud of Dew and participation in Survivors. “It will reach far,” he said when he started his contest. And it seems that it has wrong. As we said, is one of the candidates for the firm to win the contest.