Aracelys Arámbula recalls how difficult it was to get pregnant by Luis Miguel


The star managed to have two children with “The Sun of Mexico”, the young Miguel and Diego

The stars mexican Aracely Arámbula and Luis Miguel maintained one of the unions most talked about of the last few decades in the artistic medium aztec, a relationship that despite having completed several years ago, it is still a source of interest to his fans.

Arámbulathat has not yet been revealed to the press the name of the lead actor, who currently occupies his heart, reminded recently of how stressful that was for her relationship with the star of the conception of their first child.

“We spent a year looking for Miguelso already when he was a very special day and it was the exact moment,” said the actress in an interview to the program “Today” in which he recalled the long period of failed attempts that preceded her first pregnancy.

The star managed to have two children with “The Sun of Mexico”, the young Michael and Diego. Arámbula revealed that his brother recorded a moment of great significance for the former couple, which shows both for the first time with their first baby.

“We had a year looking to Migueland each month, did not pass; I in my head I said: ‘I’m going to relax’, but it is such a great feeling to see that one can create that life (…) I can Not believe that a human being go out another human being,” recalled the artist.