Cristina Pedroche it turned that out! And it is not the hair. I picture showing it! (and you have hours)

April 12, 2020
(15:18 CET)

The confinement caused by the pandemic spread of the coronavirus is bringing out another side of many and many celebrities. The COVID-19 is showing us who is for it to be influencer and who doesn’t.

In the absence of being able to participate in advertising promotions, many are these days is flooding the networks with photos and videos of their day-to-day. Although it must be said that the originality shines by its absence.

Influencers that are passed to preparadoras personal

We refer to those it girls they won’t stop posting his videos repetitive in that they appear doing exercise as Cristina Pedroche or Pilar Rubio. These two and many others do not stop uploading content to the network, but it is always more of the same.

But it is not the only one who is seeing these it girls these days. You can check, for example, in many of these influencers are dedicated these days to post photos of the past, hiding the true appearance that look these days of confinement. And that is without hairdressers, esteticienes or surgeons, many stop being such divas divine that they try to appear to in normal conditions.

Cristina Pedroche is the dyed

However, some attempt. The that or test done the manicure, you try to color the hair. Or as Cristina Pedrochethat in the last hours has changed the facet of preparer staff for the stylist. And he has blacked eyebrows. “Doing ABS while I dye the eyebrows,” writes vallecana.

Cristina Pedroche is dyed

It is fair to say, however, that the invention is not has gone wrong to the wife of David Muñoz. We have shown in another snapshot in which it appears with a rabbit on the head, willing a happy easter to his followers.

Cristina Pedroche rabbit