“Depression”. Isabel Pantoja kept the secret until today. “It has a bad end”


May 08, 2020
(15:18 CET)

Isabel Pantoja is a mother to Omar Montes. So what has revealed in his interview the more heartbreaking. Although in a first moment have not had a good relationship, gradually came to be friends. Now is a very important pillar for him.

Omar Montes has had a complicated life. Their grandparents were the ones who took care of him when he was small and now it is he who helps them in everything you can. Their grandparents would have defended to the hilt at all times. His grandmother was his champion on-set on Survivors. “For me, the best there is in the world”reveals. “They are like my parents”says without being able to avoid getting emotional.

Omar Montes

“I grew up with them and there is no more unconditional love than that of the grandparents”. Are the most important pillar of his life and is always at your side. On one occasion it took them until the Singer to know that Isabel Pantoja. “They you are going to want as you are, good, bad, whatever you do you always go to support”, account.

Last summer it was complicated for him. His grandmother had to be operated on for breast cancer. The singer was hopeful in such a situation, although he could not prevent his sadness in those hard moments. It was a hard blow to him. Don’t want to think that the lost.

“I’m not prepared to lose it”explains. “I don’t know how I’m going to take”. Omar has suffered in the first person, the hardness of the disease of your grandmother. “I almost died myself of the depression that gave me suffering for it” he says. “I came up to a gray hair!”. Luckily, everything has gone well and the family of Omar is located in a quiet moment.