Erika Buenfil denies that gains millions in Tik Tok


The regiomontana broke the silence to clarify if it is true that you get large amounts of money in the implementation of videos

Some days ago, the magazine TVNotas said that Erika Buenfil earn more than a million pesos a month thanks to your posts within the app, TikTok, it is for this reason that the actress decided to disprove this information.

Through his official Twitter account, the regiomontana broke the silence to clarify if it is true that profits in the millions on the platform which has over 5 million followers.

Hello hello. To all of you. I just want to say to my friends of @TVNotasmx that didn’t win anything in Tik tok. Please don’t say things that are not true.“ wrote the star in one of your posts.

But that’s not faith, recently reiterated his discomfort by the information disseminated: “Lie. Lie. Lie. I do not receive anything. Only the affection of the people. Thank you for your love“ it reads next to a picture in which appears an image of the magazine.

To the messages conveyed by the actress, joined a large number of followers, who also expressed his discomfort for such publication.

And although it made money, it has nothing wrong with it. That magazine is awful“, “If you pay him would be to little, with the joy that is spreading“, “And even if it did, well-deserved it would have Ms. Buenfil, you invest time and creativity to entertain their followers, that is why it is so dear“, “I believe you! I put glad to see your tik toks“, “Nothing happens and yes you get money no problem, we all have fun with your posts“, are just a few samples of affection that he sent his faithful admirers.

Buenfil has been recognized as “The queen of Tik Tok” because of his funny videos that are viewed by millions of people daily, which are disseminated on other social networks like Instagram and Twitter.