Filtered photos of Face Delevigne with Margot Robbie Does left to Ashley Benson for her?


A few days ago, confirmed the separation of Cara Delevigne with the actress Ashley Benson. Now, the fans, without hesitation, decided to broadcast pictures of the model with Margot Robbie. Are you coming out? What was the reason for the separation? Here all the details!

In these last days, viralizó the news about the rupture of Face Delevigne and Ashley Benson, after two years of relationship. Although neither of the two came out to speak, sources close to the couple claim that they have kept their friendship.

Even so, it is said that the model Delevigne, depressed, is spending these weeks with her closest friends, to cope with the separation with the former protagonist of Pretty Little Liars.

Cara Delevigne and Ashley Benson.

In social networks, the fans felt sad and sorry when you break one of the couples favorite in the world of the show. In turn, also spread images of Face Delevigne with another famous and fairly close: the actress Margot Robbie.

From the same, many speculated about whether the successful model was unfaithful to Ashley Benson, nothing more and nothing less, than with Margot Robbie. What? she is not married?

After long hours of filming, sharing moments and screen for the film Suicide Squad, it has created a new friendship between Margot Robbie and Cara Delevigne. The last picture until the time the shows wearing the same tracksuit, with their names embroidered. ¡OMG!

But it is just that: old photos, which again came out of the trunk of the memories, on the basis of a great friendship formed outside of the fiction of this film DC Comics. How Margot Robbie will help to Face Delevigne to overcome their separation?