“I don’t know or Kiko Hernandez!”. Famous of Save me before you spend 25,000 euros on the plastic surgeon

Kiko Hernandez shaved

May 08, 2020
(16:58 CET)

Few knew the name of Marta Lopez, some even doubled up with the pair of Kiko Matamoros, as has happened to the international press to talk about it, now, however, the known throughout Spain, is unmistakable. The partner programs of Mediaset has become the protagonist of all the discussions of the main programs of the chain. However this has cost him an anxiety attack. Marta collapsed live before the words of his friend Kiko Hernández. The tertullian was very hard with her and asked her to stop all this as I was turning around and was going to splash out.

Marta López is the new goose that lays the golden eggs. The co-worker has gotten a millionaire contract with Mediaset that would amount to 30,000 euros. However, in only a week he would have pocketed 60,000 euros for their interviews. He spoke for the first time in Living the life, and without even change of clothes did so after Saturday Deluxe, where he returned the following week. It also maintains its colaboradoraciones in Viva la vida, is Already noon, and Save me.

On Alexia Rivas and Alfonso Merlos it has already been said all and now it is the turn of Marta Lopez, the collaborator is coming out speckled with all of this. Not only has it been trotted out an alleged list of married men that would have had a relationship sporadic. In addition, it has commented on its great physical change in these last few months.

The young man made his debut in television makes already 18 years old, in GH 2. There has been a greater age in television. And has also changed his physique. Proof of this are his photographs and videos of the past. The most obvious change is observed in the nose.

“We can perceive a change in the size and in the way. This means that it could have performed a rhinoplasty, that is to say, the intervention of cosmetic surgery to modify the nose. In your case the technique would have focused especially on the easel, as in the images of your step by Big Brother had a nose more aquiline or bent, and in this moment, your easel – or profile – presents a straight line. Through this rhinoplasty it would have also elevated the tip –that before it was projected down-. The size can also be appreciated smaller, even may also have touched up the fins –or the lower ends-. So that we would be talking about a possible rhinoplasty integral with which has softened the factions, bringing more harmony and balance to the face. Would have cost him a few 5,000 euros“explains a doctor of the Clinics of Diego de León to the portal Jaleos.

Logically it would have improved the elasticity of their skin, and would have eliminated the wrinkles for about 500 euros. It would also have swept away the dark circles from your face for 550 euros. Has scored more her cheekbones with the effect of contouring by the acid hiaulurónico for 660 euros. It has been defined the face for 1,200 euros. A number of vitamins for about 500 euros. And would have been subjected to an intragastric balloon and laser liposculpture. Of course, also figure in their long list a breast augmentation by 5,000 euros. In total it has been completely renovated by about 25,000 euros approximately. “You don’t know or Kiko Hernandez”, they say referring to the friendship that unites them.

Marta López aesthetics

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