It’s reckless! Madonna breaks the rules and goes on spree it Is believed to immune!


Madonna has always broken the rules and has never gone with the flow, some times he has played for and others against.

Madonna is the Queen of Pophis track record speaks for itself, impacting on all corners of the world with their music, their costumes and their performance.

The last of the singer was to break the insulation and leave partying in the birthday of an old friend and collaborator.

Steve Klein it is a famous photographer who shares a friendship with the singer “Like a Virgin” with who published a recent photo on his official Instagramwhile they enjoyed a nice time at the birthday party of the artist.

In addition to the moment immortalized, Klein conducted a live broadcast in full party that seen to Madonna enjoying, and, polemically, by insinuating that the situation of global health could not reach it.

The criticisms came as nothing more and nothing less than the themselves fans of the singer, who criticized the indifference of Madonna in terms of sanitation and safety measures in the moments that faces the entire world.