Karol G, his father and Anuel AA performing the video with the most epic of all do Not have you seen it?


It is impossible to forget one of the best videos that have been created by Karol G, his father and his beloved promised Anuel AA, so once again we invite you to see this gorgeous clip.

Our dear Karol G has a personality so special and a fighter that is impossible not to turn to see his family and to relate it with one of their parents, and it is there when we realize that it is most definitely your way of being is very similar to that of its parent.

And it is even thanks to his father, Karol G has been able to reach the echelons of fame in which he finds himself, thanks to his enormous perseverance and for having believed in the talent of their beloved daughter.

On the other hand, as we have noted, the father of the famous is the along very well with his son-in-law Anuel AAdespite the famous at some point of his life, he was very involved in movements that are turbid.

Now we can see that in the past have placed it to one side, and have been dedicated to celebrate important moments of his life, as happened with the great big hit of Karol G and its iconic musical theme “Tusa”.

This video was pretty hilarious when it was published for the first time, and now thanks to the isolation that we are experiencing, the fans of the famous have brought again to the light, achieving the same re-be viral.